touches several human intelligences, at least 5 human dimensions and intelligences (physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and conscious), opens all 5 senses, encourages balance and raises vital energy, which leads to a better journey and greater contact with the beauty of life.

The purpose of various Iintiniti Experiences is to feel the place where we travel and its products to the fullest. What’s more, you’re guided through the experience by elements and techniques that have an effect on personal and employees development, quality of life and interpersonal relations.

The Intiniti Experiences offer an unforgettable, unique experience, based on the human’s experiences in the moment here and now. You participate actively and are guided through practices while discovering local traditions and spending quality time at a tourist destination.


Different programmes connect science, art and nature.


The unique and innovative Intiniti concept was awarded with a silver award from the regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia CCIS (GZS SPGZ) for 2021 and a bronze award from the GZS ZOR for 2022.


“Back to your roots – here and now.”


“As a psychotherapist and an expert of physical, psychological, social and spiritual prosperity of men, I support this innovative touristic experience with added value. I see the project’s value in the creative integration of many levels – physical, social, psychological and spiritual.”

Ljudmila Brezigar, BA Social Work, psychodynamic psychotherapist, supervisor (SLO), Poti trojstva


“The experience was great. We need more events like this, because in this fast pace of life, they stop us a little to look at ourselves.” Gregor Verbajs

“Unforgettable! My attitude towards wine has completely changed.” Jana G.

“A glass of wine had a special taste, a special smell, it was truly something priceless.”